Operating Kiddy Rides & Carousels on Revenue Share - Intech Design Ltd

High Quality Themed and Licensed Kiddy Rides and Carousels

  • We operate and maintain a range of coin operated kiddy rides and carousels on our clients' premises utilising floor space that was previously unproductive or under used. In return we pay our clients either a monthly fixed fee via a rental agreement, or a percentage of the actual monthly takings. The method is chosen based on the type of site, its location and a number of other factors.
  • Upon an initial enquiry from a potential client, we will answer any questions and provide a general idea of a site's potential. After this we can also provide a free on-site assessment to help determine the type of machine(s) best suited to the site.
  • Our services are professional, competitive and extremely effective in producing results for our clients. The correct choice of kiddie ride/carousel, correct positioning and orientation, regular maintenance and collections, safety, and reliability are extremely important in providing a safe enjoyable entertainment experience for our clients' visitors.
  • All our machines go through our own mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering safety and reliability tests, then once we are satisfied, we bring in an outside impartial testing agent to certify the machines and provide us with an ADIPS certificate.
  • Whilst our machines are on site, we provide regular ongoing maintenance; when a machine collection is made a test routine is carried out and the machine is also cleaned, polished and checked for any safety issues.
  • We also purchase good quality (preferably licenced/branded) used machines from individuals and reputable businesses and organisations. We subsequently refurbish these, bring them up to A1 condition, test and certify them for safety, then add them to our inventory. Obtaining a percentage of our stock this way, allows us to provide a more competitive service and better terms for our clients.
  • We also design and develop new features for our machines using our electronics & software development arm. This provides a competitive edge both for ourselves and our clients, one which other coin operated service companies cannot provide. We also have a long history of designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative coin operated entertainment machines and accessories.